Monday, October 22, 2012

Time Travel

Time travel must exist because I feel like I'm being pushed faster and faster into the future...  As I stand at my whiteboard preparing to write notes for the class that just finished, I'm writing 10/22/12.  What?  Wasn't I just writing 9/22/12?  Even 6/22/12 seems like yesterday.

I think I assumed that having kids would make things slow down a bit.  It's the repetitive everyday tasks like washing breakfast off their faces, getting them dressed, teeth brushed, shoes on...  the long and sometimes drawn out bed time routine... the baths that cause raisin-ization.   Even these everyday things don't do anything to slow it all down.  Monday quickly turns to Friday which quickly turns back into Monday again...  We all know that time flies when you're having fun so taking more time off, going on trips, having adventures will not stretch each minute a little more than last.  

I think I just need to get better at appreciating each moment as it's happening.  Often I feel rushed to get to the next moment.  And there are so many things that have to happen in any given moment (household tasks, children's needs, preparing for a lesson, teaching a lesson, emails, etc.) that the day just flies by.  Appreciating the moments...  whatever they are... when and wherever they are...  be present...  now.

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